Pumpkin Spice Lattes On Campus

It’s the most basic time of year, and that means its time to breakout the pumpkin spice lattes. No apple picking excursion or fall-themed Insta is complete without a PSL. In the interest of ~basic~ science, Morayo and I sampled PSL’s around campus in order to determine which one would look best in your Snapchat story, so grab a latte, your leggings, riding boots, and an oversized sweater, and you’ll be ready to celebrate the season.

1. Brody Café: I ordered a small PSL from Brody Café. Unlike a lot of PSLs this one lacks the overtly artificial pumpkin flavor. It almost tastes like a crossover between black tea and coffee, and isn't too sweet, which I liked. If you’re looking for a subtle take on a fall classic, this is the latte for you. 

2. Levering Café: The PSL at Levering Cafe is great pick me up on you’re way to class and is also a nice way to warm and wake yourself up on these cold fall mornings! The Levering cafe’s version of the PSL is essentially their original latte infused with a subtle pumpkin spice flavor. Although it’s not as strong as the PSLs at other coffee shops, it’s a great option if you crave more of the coffee taste, but still want to be in the fall spirit! It’s also a great option if you’re not a big PSLs, and want to complete you’re “basic” fall look. Best of all, you can use your dining dollars to purchase your PSL at Levering Cafe, so why not treat yourself? Also, compared to other coffee shops, Levering's PSL is also a bit cheaper, as a single is $3.49 and a double is $3.99 so it’s definitely worth a try. 

3. Alkimia: Unfortunatly, there are no PSLs to be found here. Take your basic fall dreams elsewhere.

4. Starbucks (Barnes and Noble): I decided to go to the Barnes and Noble Starbucks instead of the real one because I am too lazy to walk across the street and because I think the bookstore Starbucks has a more “college” vibe. As expected, this PSL is a lot more in your face. The pumpkin flavor is more overt and it is much sweeter than other varieties on campus. Also, it comes with whip cream, which is always good. If you are a dedicated PSL fan then you can’t beat this classic.

So which one is your favorite?