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Ope Olukorede, AMR RA


1. Name: Ope Olukorede

2. Major, Year: Molecular & Cellular Biology, 2017

3. Hometown: Boston, MA

4. Affiliated with: The HOP & SGA

5. You can probably find me… Napping lol

6. The best thing about Hopkins is… The people! I’ve met some really amazing individuals here and it’s such a privilege to study with People who are eventually going to change the world

7. Something I’m especially proud of is… my residents. They really brighten my day and they don’t even know it!

8. Something most people don’t know about me is… I’m actually sort of an introvert. So yeah

9. This year, I hope to… graduate!! Well and also make more connections with all the great people here

10. In five years, I will be…paying off my student loans

11. Next up for me is… whatever it takes to get into med school

12. Goals for the upcoming season… drink lots of hot chocolate. Not. Coffee.

13. Frog or toad?….Frog. Only if he turns into a charming prince

14. Weirdest thing you’ve seen as an RA… People studying in the laundry room. Why? It’s hot and loud so… why?

15. What building did you live in freshmen year… WOOD house! Only the best house in AMR I nbd

16. Best thing about being an RA… Having more friends! Haha well that but also just being able to share real life moments with people. It such a special position and I’ve learned so much from my residents I can wait to learn even more. I especially love when they just drop by for no reason besides wanting to talk. You really start to feel the love. I’m just like why didn’t I do this last year??

17. Worst thing about being an RA… Nice try. I’d like to keep my job :) haha but no really life as an RA is really good. It’s a huge responsibility but it just makes you want to be that example to others and there’s nothing more honorable than that

Campus Correspondent for Johns Hopkins University Dog and sunflower lover
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