Michaela O'Donnell: A Personable Person





Walking from Remsen 1 to Brody Learning Commons, I see a bundle of sweatpants, bean boots, and crazy red hair swiftly walking towards Shriver Quad. A loud “heyyy girlfriend” ensues as Michaela O’Donnell, a freshman at Hopkins, turns and strides towards me with an energy level only she can produce on a rainy Wednesday afternoon in the midst of a busy class schedule. The jokester she is, Michaela agreed to answer these questions for me. Everyone needs a little extra sunshine in their day, so get to know Michaela O’Donnell!

1. Name: Michaela O’Donnell

2. Major: Mechanical Engineering

3. Hometown: Fairfield, CT

4. Affiliated With: Varsity Field hockey

5. You can usually find me: Drinking Chai Tea at FFC

6. My favorite part about Hopkins is: Being on the field and having all of my friends supporting me in the stands

7. In five years I will be: Going to graduate school and working in NYC 8. One thing most people don't know about me: I can say the alphabet backwards while juggling 9. My favorite place on campus: M-level of the library

10. Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen: Honey-graham ice-cream at FFC makes every day better