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Meet the 2014 HC JHU Editors!

Kate Dwyer, Editor-in-Chief

Major/Year: Writing Seminars/History of Art, 2017

Affiliated with: Kappa Alpha Theta, Film Society, Thoroughfare

Favorite Place on Campus: Gilman Reading Room

Favorite Hopkins Memory: When the leaves on the quads change in the fall. Also that time there was a spider in my bathroom the size of a Buick.

Fun Fact: I edited a cookbook over the summer!

Lizzy Glass, Executive Assistant/Treasurer

Major/Year: History of Art/Pre-Med, 2017

Affiliated with: Kappa Alpha Theta, Blue Key Society, Hopkins Hosting Society

Favorite Place on Campus: Mudd Hall

Favorite Hopkins Memory: Writing a 24-hour play with Katie Dwyer!

Fun Fact: I recently learned how to water ski!

Rachel Schnalzer, Secretary

Major/Year: English/Political Science, 2015

Affiliated with: Alpha Phi, College Democrats, Blue Key Society

Favorite Place on Campus: Gilman Atrium/Sculpture Garden/Peabody Library (I CAN’T PICK ONE)

Favorite Hopkins Memory: Being serenaded by the Vocal Chords in the AMR II courtyard freshman year. 

Currently Obsessed with: Collecting teapots and visiting farmer’s markets! 

Lindsay Kiernan, Student Group Liaison

Major/Year: Writing Seminars/English, 2015

Affiliated with: Kappa Kappa Gamma, English Club, and J.Magazine.

Favorite Place on Campus: The cozy brown chairs facing the stained glass windows in the Gilman HUT

Favorite Hopkins Memory: Living in a tiny Irish cottage in middle-of-nowhere Ireland with one of my best friends and all the crazy adventures we had on the Hopkins Photography summer study abroad trip.

Currently obsessed with: Cupcakes and exotic fruit—but not together.

Katie Naymon, National Content Consultant (she’s the Health Editor of Her Campus National!)

Major/Year: Writing Seminars (minors in WGS & Psych), 2015

Affiliated with: Kappa Alpha Theta, APTT, JHU Wind Ensemble, Hopkins Feminists

Favorite Place on Campus: Brody atrium

Favorite Hopkins Memory: Getting into APTT and then going through APTT training with an amazing group of people.

Fun Fact: I have a basic proficiency in Swedish and I’m trying to reach fluency.

Tiffany Eatz, Publicist

Major/Year: Writing Seminars/Neuroscience, 2017

Affiliated With: Alpha Phi Omega, Listen Up Tap, HASA, Witness

Favorite Place on Campus: The Hut 

Favorite Hopkins Memory: The first day overall was my favorite—moving in, meeting everyone, going to events—I had that electrifying sensation of pure excitement!

Fun Fact: I’m in love with cheetah print!

Jacqui Neber, Director of Social Media

Major/Year: Writing Seminars, 2018

Affiliated with: So far, Her Campus!

Favorite Hopkins Memory: All the memories I have yet to create :)

Currently Obsessed with: I have an obsessive personality, unfortunately. That means I stay up till 3 am to cry over Chuck and Blair, or memorize some of Bukowski’s best lines, or listen to my favorite Coldplay album for the millionth time. Oops!

Arabiye Artola, Photo Director

Major/Year: Neuroscience, 2016

Affiliated with: SALUD

Favorite Place on Campus: Stony Run Trail

Favorite Hopkins Memory: Running around campus during the first snowfall.

Fun Fact: The barn owl is my spirit animal.



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