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Matt Billups, ’16

1. Name: Matthew William Billups, nickname is “Chauncey” because of the NBA great Chauncey Billups2. Major/Year: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Junior3. Hometown: Watchung, NJ4. Campus Affiliations: Men’s Basketball Team5. You can probably find me… in the basketball gym or on A level of the library working on a problem set.6. The best thing about Hopkins is… the friends I have made. There are some really great people here, especially my teammates.7. Something I am especially proud of is… that I am currently doing research in a ChemBE lab working on DNA nanostructures.8. Something most people don’t know about me… is that I love learning about cars and how the mechanical components work. When the right time comes, I plan to take this passion and apply it to a project of my own. 9. This year, I hope to… do a few things I have wanted to do but just haven’t gotten around to yet. Like road trip to Arizona and Hike the Grand Canyon, and go to Preakness, among other things.10. In five years, I will be… working in the pharmaceutical industry, which I hope I will find fulfilling.11. Next up for me is… to finish this season strong and enjoy the rest of the spring semester.12. The best thing about being on the Hopkins Basketball team is… the teammates that I can truly call my family. Not every team is a close knit as us, and I think that plays a big part in our success.13. My basketball goals for the rest of the season are… to win the NCAA tournament.14. Shout out to… Coach Bill Nelson,  for giving me a chance to go to Hopkins and play basketball for one of the best teams in the country. Also shout out to Skip, Ace, Chiz, Lite, Slam, JimHam, Bug, O-star, Laidback, Big Max, CurRAIN, Pancakes, King, and Kyle Doran.

Image courtesy of Hopkins Athletics official site.

Megan DiTrolio is a writing seminars major at Johns Hopkins University.
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