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Manage Your Stress, Not the Other Way Around!

Let’s face it: life is stressful, especially in you’re a student at Hopkins. I know that often it feels like the work, extracurriculars, studying, and exams never seem to end. While spring break is around the corner, it’s important to maintain only a healthy level of stress so you don’t crash and burn. Stress is an essential part of the human experience because it’s your body telling you that danger might be coming. It is not a character trait or a lifestyle (at least it definitely shouldn’t be), so it is extremely important to learn how to deal with it properly. Everyone experiences stress and stress-relief in different ways so find the right strategy for you!

Below are some quick tips on relaxation:


1. Get enough sleep!

Sleep is so important as it is your body and mind’s time to heal. Not getting enough sleep will impact your mood, alertness, and how well you do in school.


2. Make time (even just 10 minutes) for yourself!

Even though your day might feel jampacked, take just 10 minutes to sit down, drink some water, and think about how you are feeling.


3. Do something you love!

It is extremely important to retain your sense of self and to keep doing the things you love even when you get super busy. Bonus points if you love working out; you’ll get a lovely release of endorphins after!


4. Try yoga or meditation!

Mediation can be intimidating, but if you don’t know what to do just try to sit and breathe calming. Even a few minutes can make a difference in how you’re feeling.


5. Reach out to a friend!

It’s easy to put off hanging out with friends if you have got a million things to do but make the effort! Plan a lunch or even to study together. 


Overall, keeping a positive attitude will get you through; you can do it! If you are having problems with stress management or other mental health issues it is important that you go to the counseling center or reach out to a clinician. Never forget to prioritize yourself and your health.

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