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Love at First Flight: The Most Romantic Spots on Campus

The Blue Jay Way to Soar Through Relationships

The bells of Gilman Hall chime late into the evening. Decker Quad illuminates at night in a series of romantically lit street lamps. Symphonies of sound from the Mattin Center echo far throughout campus.

Welcome to the picturesque and charming Johns Hopkins University, the perfect place to find love. We’ve compiled some of the best stops on campus to act as the backdrop to do just that.

1. The President’s Garden

Nothing says romance more than the beautiful fountains and fall foliage of the President’s Garden. Take an afternoon or midnight walk here with your crush and see what happens. (Side note: there are hidden benches underneath the cascading tree leaves).

2. Wyman Quad



Let the butterflies fly around in your stomach as you and your crush walk around Wyman Quad. From the steps of Shriver Hall, you can clearly see the midnight sky and its twinkly stars.

3. Bufano Sculpture Garden Gazebo


Tucked away behind the Undergraduate Science Center, is this cozy and quaint gazebo. Come here with your crush and live through those fairy-tale moments.


4. The Baltimore Museum of Art Sculpture Garden and Gertrude’s

Be swept away by the abstract art and beautiful fountains of the Baltimore Museum of Art Sculpture Garden. In the mood for more romance? Go on a date to Gertrude’s! Dine underneath white tents with hanging twinkly lights. 


5. The Homewood Field


Take a midnight walk or lie on a blanket and stargaze here with your crush. Out in an open field, you get the best views of Hopkins and Charles Village.

There is simply no better place for romance than the Johns Hopkins University campus.


Image Credit: 1) M. Kahane, 2-4) Google.com, 5) O. Volpe 

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