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Long Night in the Library Survival Pack

The below is a list of suggested items to bring with you to the Library (C Level, obviously) during the midst of midterms. A large Vera Bradley tote will do the trick, holding all of your studying necessities.


1)    Your laptop. Even if your studying only requires textbooks and a calculator your going to need to watch “Tasty” recipe videos on studying breaks.

2)    Pencils and pens. Don’t be jealous of our Her Campus pen, which has a little ball inside of that the moves as you write. Instant entertainment.

3)    Tissues. For when you start crying because you really don’t know what amino acids do.

4)    Snacks. I’d recommend bringing snacks anywhere you go, but studying is certainly a time where Cool Ranch Doritos are acceptable to keep you mentally sane. Capitalize on it.

5)    Your phone (reference rule #1 for reason).

6)    A good friend, (actually, anyone will do the trick) to distract you and or complain with you. (Note—HC does not suggest trying to fit said friend into bag).

7)    Headphones. Don’t be that girl that has to borrow someone’s headphones at the library and “forgets” to return them.

8)    Extra clothes. You’re going to smell after a 24-hour stay on D Level.

9)    A picture of your loves ones (and or, alcohol). Remember what makes you happy in life.

10) Your sanity. You’re going to need it at 3 a.m.

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