Lillian Scott, Basketball Player

  1. Name: Lillian Scott 
  2. Major, Year: Computer Science, 2019
  3. Hometown: Westfield NJ
  4. Affiliated with: Basketball, Phi Mu
  5. You can usually find me: My dorm or in the gym putting up extra shots.
  6. My favorite part about Hopkins is: the stress-free vibes.
  7. I am most proud of: getting into Hopkins.
  8. In five years I will be: hopefully rich and in a committed relationship with a man makes who makes a lot.
  9. Something most people don’t know about me is: I'm ambidextrous.
  10. My goals for the upcoming season are: national championship.
  11. How do you balance being a student athlete? Don't drink alcohol or have fun, only do work.
  12. What is your favorite part about being on an athletic team? The social vibes.
  13. What do you hope for the future of Hopkins basketball? Average a conference championship a year.