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Jessie Koljonen ’13

Name: Jessie Koljonen
Year: 2013
Major: Behavioral Biology and Spanish

Campus Activities:
Intern in the Admissions Office, VP of Committees in Phi Mu, Member of the Blue Key Society, Admissions Representative, Alumni Student Ambassador, Research Assistant in a Neuroscience Lab at the Medical Campus, Shadows a Neuro-surgeon, Works at the Children’s House at the JHU children’s hospital

What has been your favorite campus activity?

Definitely working in the Admissions Office. As a student it is super interesting to see how the admissions process works from the other side. I also work with amazing people who do really great things and I collaborate on several different projects so the variety keeps it fun. 

Are there ways Hopkins students can get involved?

Absolutely! Go to the Student Activities Fair freshmen year and meet the groups you’re interested in. Get to the know the leaders and if you love what the club is about then contact people in the group and ask for applications. Be proactive in making connections because the people who share your interests will be some of your best friends in college. 

Where do you hope to be in 10 years?

Graduated from medical school and finishing up a residency program. Right now I’m really into surgery and OB/GYN, but we’ll see if that changes! 

What is your favorite aspect of Hopkins?

The opportunities you have here as an undergrad. I get to shadow a Neurosurgeon at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world – there are not many people who are given a chance like that. There are so many amazing groups and activities you can get involved in and each one produces awesome leaders and presence on campus. Outside of academics, it’s a great way to balance your time.

Favorite Quote:

“No one can make you inferior without your consent.”  – Eleanor Roosevelt 

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