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HC Style: Springtime Dress Trends

Spring has sprung! Along with sunny days spent on the Hopkins Beach, another reason I’m loving this warmer weather is the opportunity to finally break out my sundresses. In search of a new sundress or even a new dress for a spring formal? There are tons of hot new trends this spring to keep in mind:

  1. Mint: I was recently at the mall and in every store, I noticed mint colored shoes, purses, and you guessed it, mint colored dresses! This fresh, trendy color is perfect for spring- bright enough to take it out of boring pastel territory and youthful to the max. So skip the usually lavenders and rose colored dresses and opt for a mint dress for your next event!
  2. High-low dress: Dresses that are long in the back and short in the front are perfect for the indecisive (like me). If you’re not feeling like rocking a maxi sundress on a hot spring day, opt instead for a high low dress to get the best of both worlds. This style is also perfect for formals- pick one up today!
  3. Collars, collars, collars:  While perhaps not ideal for a formal, collared sundresses are perfect for class or a casual day hanging out with friends. A classic or peter pan style collar on dresses adds an air of sweetness and a vintage touch to any outfit. Depending on the dress itself, a collared sundress and cardigan could be a great interview outfit- fresh and youthful, but sophisticated.
  4. Cutout Dresses: Who says belly-baring outfits are just for Britney? This spring season puts a new spin on an older look. But instead of belly shirts, many designers have made artistic cutouts on their newest dresses. For instance, a seemingly conservative, high-necked dress from the front might have a large, flirty, heart shaped cutout on the back. Try out cutouts on the sides of dresses or right above the navel, depending on how experimental you’re feeling!
  5. Deep V-Necks: Like the cutouts, deep v-necked dresses are another classy spin to a   skimpy past trend. While perhaps not quite appropriate for school, a deep v-neck dress is a great pick for a spring formal. The deep v neck should always be covered with mesh or another see through material so your dress is sexy but classy. 




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