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HC Approved Sites to Sink Boredom

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JHU chapter.

Ever caught yourself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook in the middle of class even though you were supposed to be pay attention to the professor? Or, have you had a late night on B-level with a last minute essay because you spent an hour scrolling through Grumpy Cat memes on Reddit? First of all, it would be best if you actually took lecture notes and concentrated on writing a paper. However, if you really need something to do on the web during study breaks or extreme boredom, explore these other choices that are intriguing and more productive than looking at all the photos of strangers popping up on your Facebook wall.

1. www.time.com

A personal favorite of mine, Time is a well-respected source for news articles geared towards people with any interest. This is also a great site to get updates on the latest happenings while scrolling through quirky articles and amazing pictures. From features about chocolate kimonos on the runway to the latest statistics about the iOS and Android war, Time.com can satisfy both the inner fashionista and inner geek in us all! Unlike newyorktimes.com, Time.com has no limit to the number of free articles you read. So go ahead and give this site a chance.

2. www.howcast.com

The Internet has developed into the revolutionary tool of our generation, and video media has also grown in tandem. Whatever you would need or want to know can be found on sites such as Youtube. However, Howcast is the perfect place to get simple and fast video instruction on every basic need! Got a broken sliding closet or in need of a gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe? Never fear, Howcast is here! It is also a great site for learning unusual material, such as the history of latte art and tips for dancing the Cha-Cha.

3. www.mentalfloss.com

This website is the perfect excuse to whittle away time by sharpening your mind with cool reads. Although I am not condoning procrastination, Mentalfloss is definitely a great site to check out. It has a Knowledge Feed page that constantly updates with interesting articles, such as “8 More Surprising Things Banned by the BBC”. There are also plenty of mind-blowing pictures, such as the site’s album about “16 Intricate Miniature Rooms”.  Plus, if you’re in the mood for unique articles and ideas, mentalfloss.com has a Big Questions page that delve into unconventional topics, such as the history of the word “um” in our everyday speech.

4. www.bigthink.com

With the common saying that knowledge is the greatest gift, why not spend time on a website that offers knowledge for free? Bigthink is distinguished by its display of new ideas that may lead to revolutionary thought or actions- the next “big thing”.  This website examines the future of philosophy and design by featuring a video and article about items such as invisible bicycle helmets that may change the entire bicycle industry. Like a miniature version of TED, Bigthink.com also has an abundance of videos that feature lauded guests such as Bill Nye the Science Guy, so you’ll never have a bored or unproductive minute again.