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Gracie ’16

Name: Gracie Golden
Year: 2016
Major(s): Anthropology & Near Eastern Studies
Minor(s): Program in Museums & Society
Hometown: Richmond, VA

Campus Activities:
Music Director at WJHU
Library Assistant in the Dept. of Special Collections
Member of the Library Student Advisory Committee

Tell us more about your involvement with WJHU, the Johns Hopkins Student Radio station!
I’m the music director, which basically means I work as the liason between our station and music promotional companies. Promo companies send us new music every week, which I review and put out for our DJs to play on air. I also have two radio shows every week, Pogo B4 U Gogo and The Listening Party. Pogo is 6 to 7pm on Mondays, and is just an hour of whatever music I feel like playing. The Listening Party is a show I host from 7 to 8pm on Mondays, where I invite DJs to come hang out with me at the station and listen to all of our new music. I also end up doing all kinds of random jobs for WJHU events and concerts.

Name one fun or unique fact about you.
I play the drums in an all-girl garage band!

Your freshman year is winding to a close! What has been your favorite Hopkins memory so far?
I don’t know if I have one single favorite Hopkins memory! It’s probably something related to the radio station. Maybe when I rode in WJHU’s chariot for the Red Bull Chariot Race at Spring Fair. Our chariot was just a modified shopping cart, but we got second place!

What are your summer plans?
I’m going to be interning at the Freer Sackler Galleries in Washington, D.C., which are the Smithsonian’s Museums of Asian Art! I’ll be working on an exhibit of photographs by Ara Güler, a Turkish photographer.

What is something you wish you could tell pre-freshman year you?
I would give them the same advice a friend of mine gave me right before school started: the first weeks of college are going to be the most uncomfortable time of your life, and you should totally embrace it! Everyone else is just as nervous as you are. It will be okay!

Where do you hope to be in 10 years?
I would love to be working as an anthropologist focusing on Turkey, either in the field or at a museum. Working for the Smithsonian would be amazing.

Favorite quote?

My favorite quote is from the song Formed a Band by Art Brut:
“I’m going to write a song as universal as Happy Birthday that’s going to make sure that everybody knows that everything is going to be ok.”

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