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Campus Cutie, Jasmine Jones ’16

Name: Jasmine Jones

Major, Year: Behavioral Biology (minor in Music), class of 2016


Hometown: Bushkill, PA

Affiliated with: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pet and Animal Welfare Society, Club Field Hockey

You can probably find me…doing schoolwork, dancing, or sleeping! Sometimes playing a random sport!

The best thing about Hopkins is…its atmosphere that fosters the most provocative way of thinking. The classes, friends, events, and its surrounding community have given me a multi-faceted perspective on life I never knew was possible!

Something I’m especially proud of is…making District Band my senior year of high school! I know that was a while back but in my opinion that’s my most difficult and satisfying achievement!

Something most people don’t know about me is…that I AM A BAND GEEK. (Well they might know after that last post.) Hmmm… I’m obsessed with Star Wars?

This year I hope to…complete the process of applying to veterinary school! It’s been my dream since I can remember.

In five years I will be…a veterinarian who’s engaged to a professional European soccer player. Easy.

Next up for me is…a second trip to Budapest and possibly a longer term one to Vienna!

Dancing with Nelly was…SURREAL. The first thing I said when I realized he was coming was that I was gonna dance on him *squeal*! So when I walked up those steps to the stage I was a little beside myself. He was so nice and SO attractive. When he asked me to “strut” across the stage I was so sure I was gonna bust my butt. But somehow my body just did things (and did them well) and my brain processes it all later! That performance might have been the most fun thing I’ve ever done and meeting Nelly was a dream!

Relationship status: Kinda single but this European promised himself to me so…

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