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Alternative Places to Study

Around half way through the semester there is a noticeable shift in the campus ~mood~. People start to look a little more tired and the library starts getting crowded earlier and staying crowded later. Ahead are five AlTeRnAtIvE places to study for when that douche leaves his stuff in a cubicle for 9+ hours and the library is at capacity.  

  1. Mudd Café: second only to Brody, Mudd is a great study spot. There’s coffee nearby and even some natural light, something most of the library sorely lacks.
  2. UTL Tables: The tables at the end of the hallway in the UTLs are great for when you need some quiet. Also: Windows! If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan of natural light and like that the windows in the UTLs are there to remind me what the outdoors look like when I’ve been studying all day.
  3. Bamboo: What could be better than studying in the presence of food? Also, Bamboo offers you the opportunity to swap out your regular coffee for some boba. 
  4. Gilman: This one isn’t so alternative, but it is still generally less crowded than the library. It’s a great spot for if you want to supplement your studies with glimpses of angsty grad students wearing scarfs.
  5. Levering: When I say Levering I mean the front part. I would say Levering Lounge, but it seems to be plagued by loud chewers this semester, and I want to save you the grief of listening to one of your fellow students eat an apple with his mouth open. The noise of the café in the front of Levering easily drowns out the any eating sounds, making it perfect place for studying.  
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