Abigail Bastien: The Best, Remembered

Abby answered these questions for me last year in the middle of the track meet. She was really busy, trying to steal a few minutes away from the meet to get some studying in, but she answered my questions anyway and sent them back promptly.

Abby’s teammate and former Her Campus Staff Member, Amy Garcia put it best:

“Beautiful inside and out. That's a phrase that's used too often, to describe too many people. Because there are very few in the world that can be truly spoken of this way. Abigail was one of those people. A person who stunned you when you saw her due to the brightness of her smile, the light blue of her eyes, the confidence in which she walked. Someone who simply made your day better by seeing her on campus. And someone who would drop everything in the world if you needed help. She was smart, a molecular and cellular biology major working in a lab, and yet she was one of the most fun people I've ever met. She was someone you could find in the library until the early hours of the morning, but she was also someone who you could always count on to have a great night. She was silly, she was generous, she was strong. She was someone who took your breath away by her kindness, by her sincerity, by her drive. She was someone of worth. She was forced to stop running at the end of last year's track season due to an injury, and it only made her more determined for next year to succeed, to improve, to win. She was strong, she didn't take anyone's shit, and yet she still brought our team together by her sheer gentleness of spirit. She was someone who stole the hearts of everyone on the Hopkins track team and of everyone who knew her. She was someone who was beautiful inside and out.

Abby, there are hundreds of lives you touched, and thousands of smiles you spread. I hope you knew how much you were loved, and how much you will be missed, by every person who was ever graced with that lightness in your eyes. I loved you like you were my little sister, and I'll love you from now to always.”

The answers below are reposted from the April 1st proflle: 

1.Name: Abigail Bastien

2.Major, Year: Molecular & Cellular Biology, 2020

3.Hometown: Sandusky, Ohio

4.Affiliated with: Alpha Phi & Track and Field 

5.You can usually find me: In the depths of C level

6.My favorite part about Hopkins is: The way we all bond over our common and constant struggles 

7.I am most proud of: That one time I got above average on a chem test, literally once 

8.In five years I will be: In medical school!!

9.Something most people don’t know about me is: I have 7 siblings & will have 11 in the fall 

10.My favorite location on campus is: the ffc when they serve tenders at late night

11. Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen?

Remember to have fun and get out even though you feel like you're drowning in work!! Grades are super important, but there's definitely more to life