5 Things to do Over Fall Break

It may just be a fancy name for a three-day weekend, but Fall Break and, at this point in the semester we all need that extra day. To make the most you your well-earned “break” try one of the ideas listed below!

1. Go Apple Picking: The closest apple orchard is only 6.9 miles from campus! Get out of the city for a few hours and celebrate fall in the most basic way possible!

2. Go to D.C: A Marc Train ticket is 8 dollars each way, and almost all the museums in D.C. are free entrance. Enjoy the day on a budget!

3. Grill in the AMR Grill Pits: I have wanted to do this for three years, please, make my dreams a reality and host a cookout at the AMRs.

4. Take a Hike: Rent a zipcar and explore some local trails, the nature will be good for you.

5. Go See your Family: If you’re lucky enough to go to school close to your family take some time and go visit them! Even if you end up getting into a fight with your mom you’ll probably be grateful you made the trip.