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4 Ways to Make the Most of a Stay-cation

For whatever reason, while your friends are jetting off for Cancun and cruises, you’ll be here at Hopkins for spring break. Maybe staying put doesn’t seem like the most exciting of vacation destinations, but take it from someone who absolutely adores stay-cations – there’s really not a whole lot better than the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, while still being able to take advantage of the comfort of your own bed.

Of course, it’s easy to let a stay-cation slip by in a haze of late-morning lie-ins and Netflix – or, more likely because it’s Hopkins, studying. But just because you haven’t traveled a thousand miles away for it, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve an awesome break. So even if you are going to be within walking distance of Brody for the next week, I’m challenging you to give yourself a little breather, and use some of these tips to make your spring stay-cation a great one.


Plan for something every day

Just think about it: if you had traveled somewhere else, your days would have been packed with sightseeing, plans or activities to make the most of your time in your location. Who says you can’t do exactly the same thing here?

A stay-cation at Hopkins is the perfect time to get around to doing all those fun things that you just never seem to have the time for between classes and studying and club meetings. You may even be able to cross a couple of things off your Baltimore bucket list. Finally make that visit to the BMA or the Walters, grab a buddy and head to the infamous Charmington’s, go on a Fell’s Point pub crawl, or see a production by a local theater company.

Take a day trip

If what you really need is a little time away from it all, but you don’t have the time or the funds for a full-blown weeklong vacation, taking a day trip can be the perfect in-between option. Hop on the train or rent a Zipcar and you can reach everything from beautiful hiking spots, skiing and wine trails in northeastern Maryland to nearby cities like Annapolis and DC.

Get some real R&R

Perhaps one of the greatest perks of a stay-cation is the opportunity to get some actual quality rest and relaxation. Sure, a beach trip sounds great in theory, but the planning, scheduling and traveling has the effect of causing more stress than you would actually think. Take some time to focus on yourself, whether it be by getting into a healthy sleep routine, catching up on your need-to-read list while snuggled up with a cup of tea, or taking advantage of free group fitness classes at the Rec Center to get back in shape.     

Treat yourself

Finally, just remember that you’ve worked hard this semester, there’s more hard work to come, and you deserve this break. Allow yourself to splurge. One of the other perks of a stay-cation is that it’s about as cost-effective as you can get, so you can afford to treat yourself to a shopping day, a nice dinner or brunch, or even a spa treatment or a massage to get you feeling refreshed and ready for the second half of the semester. 

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