Why Jackie Burkhart is a feminist icon

          When you think of That 70’s show, the character Jackie Burkart and the word “feminism” don’t seem to go together at first thought. Donna Pinciotti is often seen as the token feminist of the gang because of her louder opinions and powerful quotes. Jackie is seen as the token girly-girl and is often not valued for her personality. I am here to say that of the two main women in the Point Place gang, Jackie Burkart is my feminist icon.

Jackie knows what she wants

            Long term or short term, Jackie has a plan. Whether it’s becoming a Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader, becoming a weather girl, or moving to Chicago to pursue a career of television, Jackie does what she wants to get what she wants. Yes, some of her values are shallow and sometimes aren’t thought through in the smartest sense, but she will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams. She has confidence, will-power, and can think on her feet. Jackie is never afraid to speak her mind on any sort of topic she finds interesting. She wastes no time on useless topics, which, yes can be offensive and hurtful to her friends, but keeps her focused and sharp.

            With all this in mind, Jackie does not let the fact that she is always in a relationship affect her dominance. She wears the pants in her relationships and makes sure she is being treated with respect. With Kelso, it took her a little while for her to stop falling for his lies, but eventually she found her voice and did what was best for herself.

She’s brutally honest            

           Whatever Jackie wants to say, she says it. She is loud and demanding and will not take no for an answer. If she doesn’t like something, she gets it fixed, if something is bad, she says so, if it’s something she wants, she gets it. Jackie knows how to use her words to get what she wants and is able to capture the attention of any room. Sometimes her words are brash and uncalled for, but she is unapologetic when she needs to be. She fights back and stands up for herself and her friends.

She uses her clothes to express herself

            Jackie’s clothes are one of my favorite things about her. They are bold and trendy, and like her, make a statement. The 70’s were an incredible time for fashion, there were less bras, patterns on patterns, and more freedom to use your clothing as a tool of expression. As Jackie matures throughout the show, so does her clothing. Jackie knows that a well-dressed woman deserves respect and adds her own personal touch to everything she does.