Why I Drool Over Noah Centineo

A lot of people fell in love with Noah Centineo after seeing him star in the film, “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, where he played Peter Kavinsky. If you have not seen the flick yet, definitely check it out… Peter Kavinsky will absolutely steal your heart. But, even if you have not seen the film (seriously though, you need to watch it ASAP), we all can agree on one thing: Noah Centineo is a total heartthrob. Here are just a few reasons why we love Noah:


1. He knows how to play the guitar!

Let’s face it...a guy who is able to play the guitar is every girl’s dream! You see it in all the movies, but a guy playing the guitar is legit a dream come true! This just goes to show just how charming and talented he truly is! Hey @NoahCentineo, can you like...write me a song?!


2. Fun AND crazy!

Noah is always posting different videos and pictures, especially on his Insta story, of his day-to-day activities! From singing in the car to hanging with friends, it’s clear that he is always all about having a fun time! Peep his Instagram to see how funny he truly is: @ncentineo! We stan a cute goofball!


3. He is a hardworker!

At a young age, Noah began starring in a few different television series, where his screen time was minimal. Ever since the very beginning, his acting career has only continued to grow. To name a few, Noah has starred in: “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, “Sierra Burgess is a Loser”, and “The Perfect Date”. Rumor has it that he currently has some works in the making and we will most certainly be awaiting eagerly for these to be released.


4. HOT AF!

Do I really need to further explain this one...alright, I will just so it is 100% clear. Noah Centineo is major flames! Hair! Eyes! Smile! Personality! Everything! He is the absolute total package! *Insert 1,000 flame and heart-eye emojis here* Sidenote: He is currently single.