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Why Going On Accutane Was The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

I’ve struggled with acne since early middle school. There were some days where my skin was clear and radiant and other days where I looked like a pizza. Summer was my favorite time of the year because finally, my skin was clear again, and I felt confident again. I had tried everything, from creams to antibiotics. I had gone to multiple doctors, where I left feeling absolutely hopeless. I’ve cried over painful cysts and self-confidence issues that came along with my acne. But through it all, I was adamant about never going on Accutane. For multiple reasons… mainly that I was fearful of the changes and side effects of this strong drug. Finally, two months ago I made the best decision of my life. I basically said F it, I was so sick and tired of these painful bumps on my face. I can honestly say that now, I feel great and more confident about my skin. I know the side effects of Accutane aren’t always great for everyone; dry skin, depression, muscle weakness, etc. But luckily right now, my skin actually looks better than it ever has. Watching my face go through this transition makes me feel so lucky because I know that eventually, I will have the clear skin I deserve.

Acne is no joke and it can make people feel awful about themselves. If you feel like you can relate to me, if you feel like you’ve tried everything and STILL you have pimples that bother you, talk to your doctor. I promise it doesn’t hurt to ask what they think could be helpful for your acne. There are ways that can suppress acne, like diet and exercise, but sometimes acne can be more persistent than “normal.” I’m not a doctor, but I do know that having clear skin can change a whole person’s attitude about themselves. I know how it feels to feel like everyone is looking at that big pimple on your face, but I can promise you- they probably aren’t!

You ARE beautiful. No matter what. Don’t forget it!

Jordan Greco

Jefferson '22

Hello, my name is Jordan! I am a nursing student who loves the beach, music, and cheesesteaks!
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