What It’s like Being the Middle Child (and the Only Girl)

1. Your parents call you by your sibling’s names almost all the time.

2. Your parents have high expectations for you.

3. Your siblings make you choose sides when you ultimately don’t care. But if it wasn’t for you, there would be no peace

4. But, you’re usually the reason why fights begin in the first place.

5. Your older brother gets mad at you for wearing his big t-shirts, but they become hammy downs in a couple years anyways.

6. Your parents don’t let you do the same things as your older sibling.

7. Your older sibling prepared you for the future.

8. Your parents get mad when you curse in front of your younger sibling, even though he’s heard it all before.

9. You babysit most of the time, which means you get to throw parties with your younger brother and he becomes the life of every party.

10. You’re the rebellious one of the bunch, so when things go wrong, you’re the one to blame.

11. You will never forget the day your younger sibling was born, and how important he is to you now.

11. You get away with more as you get older.

12. Your brothers hate when you bring boys around. And try to fight them when they break your heart.

13. You’re tough. Between two brothers, there are a lot of fights and tears.

14. Your younger sibling looks up to you, and you’ll be surprised when he comes to you for girl advice.

15.  You’re Daddy’s little princess and the glue that holds the family together.