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Virgil Abloh’s Final Collection for Louis Vuitton

During this year’s Paris men’s fashion week, Louis Vuitton showed what would be the last collection from the late Virgil Abloh. Virgil is most known for his own brand Off-White and his collaborations with the Louis Vuitton brand, especially the menswear collections. He elevated every piece and made the collections something that men would be excited to wear as opposed to most brands, who make menswear as an afterthought.

This collection continued with that trend and legacy as it was filled with fun, creative, and unconventional menswear looks. The show took place in what looked like a Barbie (or more appropriately, Ken) Dreamhouse and was described by Abloh as  “a spark of imagination that turns into an eternal flame”. The show featured over 60 looks so I will only mention my favorites and the pens that stuck out the most to me.

Right off the bat I loved look 3 which featured a jersey-like white jacket with the coolest monogrammed baggy ripped jeans. When one thinks of Louis Vuitton, they certainly don’t think of baggy ripped jeans, but this look marries the new trendy aesthetic with Vuitton’s signature monograph.

The next look that caught my eye was look 8, which was a black, long-sleeve shirt and pants under a beautiful loose crochet or macrame tank/skirt set that had circle and star like notches that could be worn by just about anyone.

Next was look 12 which was a beautifully tailored monochromatic suit in the richest bright purple, with a purple crystal brooch as the first button and a matching (of course) duffle bag.

Look 16 featured a vintage style letterman jacket in that same purple with LV and graffiti style patches on the sleeves, paired with slouchy white pants. I can absolutely see this jacket being the new hottest LV item.

Look 31 was another monochromatic look, this time in deep turquoise with a velvet blazer overtop of a lace pant and shirt with a matching bag and hat.

Look 42 was a trench style coat with slouchy pants, duffle bag, derby hat and shoes all in a matching tapestry-esque floral pattern, which came back in a few other looks in this collection.

Most of the looks at the end of the collection, like 61, featured oversized, white lace angel wings which seem quite prophetic considering the circumstances surrounding the collection. All the looks worn with the wings were all white and had textured embossed wool fabric. 

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