Valentine's Day Candy Crusher Workout

Valentine's Day Candy-Crusher Workout

15 Minute Total Body Workout (Plus Warm-Up and Stretch)


             One of my favorite holidays is Valentine’s Day because I love LOVE. Love is what makes the world go ‘round along with loving yourself and others. So, of course you treat yourself to the finest gourmet chocolates and candies known to man on this glorious holiday! But what happens on February 15th? You wake up and feel the obligation to the gym to physically sweat off all you just consumed in the past 24 hours. All the sweets you thought were glorious on the 14th, are now venom to you on the 15th. Trust me, you’re not alone. Have no fear though - we are here to get you back on track and fill you with a euphoria similar to the feeling of eating assorted candies and chocolates! I like to call this the 15 MINUTE CANDY-CRUSHER TOTAL BODY WORKOUT.



Warm Up - 2 minute Stretch! Arm and leg Stretches and Butterfly Stretches

20 seconds on, 10 seconds off - Repeat two times - Should equal 1 minute total!

  • Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Skaters
  • Leg Raises, Alternating Heel Touches, Dolphin Plank, Crunch-Ups
  • Shoulder Taps, Punches, Elbow Raises
  • Wall Sit, Clams, Top Taps, Bridge Raises, Rainbows

After you finish all the exercises complete workout with Walking Squats up and back!


Here are a view tips before CRUSHING your workout!

  •  ALWAYS stretch before a workout! You want to get your muscles loose before doing any workout, whether it’s cardio, weights, etc. You can easily get hurt without a stretch before!
  • Eat a light snack before! Working out on an empty stomach is never good. Try a granola bar, fruit or even eating peanut butter toast will give you the fuel your body needs to push through!
  • Do it with a friend! Working out with a friend makes it 10x more fun and it will keep you from giving up! Friends who workout together, stay together…am I right ladies?


The main point I stress while doing this workout is that the amount of time doesn’t matter, YOU have to put in the effort for the 15 minutes to create results. Trust me, this will make you sweat if you push through this workout and give 110% with no interruptions.


Warm Up:

Set your time for 2 minutes and complete these three stretches!

Arm Stretch

Start by taking one arm over the other and hold it. Then switch arms to stretch the other.


Leg Stretch

Still standing, take your leg in one hand and pull behind until your leg is fully bent. Repeat on the other leg!


Butterfly Stretch

Sitting down on your mat, press both feet together so that your legs form a diamond. Start to lean down and you’ll feel a good, big stretch. This is an hip abductor stretch - they are very beneficial when working towards a tone booty and abs!


15 MINUTE WORKOUT - 20 seconds on, 10 second rest each  - Repeat exercises 2 times


Jumping Jacks

Start by jumping your feet out simultaneously pulling yours above your head and then jump your legs back into normal position along with putting your arms back at your side and repeat the same movement.


Mountain Climbers

Begin in a plank position, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing straight arm or bent! Pull one knee in and then quickly alternate by bringing in the other knee. Make sure your butt is low as you alternate and keep a consistent pace!



Start in standing position and with a bent in your right leg, move it behind your left then hop to switch from your right leg to your left and repeat movement. 


Leg Raises

Lay on your mat and start off by lifting your legs up all the way and going back down. Repeat until time is up.


Alternating Heel Touches

Lay on the floor and bend your legs, keeping them close to your butt. Keeping your palms face up, start with one palm touching you heel on one side and then alternate on the other side.

Dolphin Plank


Get in position like you’re doing a normal plank. Make sure your hips are in place and your butt is low, lift up like you are in the downward dog, then move back down to normal plank position and repeat.



Lay down on your mat and lift your legs straight up into the air. Then do a crunch by lifting your arms up to touch your toes, and repeat until the time is up. If you feel a burn in your core, you’re doing it right!


Shoulder Taps

Go in a straight arm plank position with your butt and back leveled, alternate taps between your left and your right arm to the opposite shoulder. You want to make sure you keep your hips align and don’t move them out of place while completing the exercise.


Left and Right Punches

Stand up from the mat and put yourself into a sideways stance by placing your non-dominant foot in front facing forward and your dominant behind facing the direction of your stance. Then start punching with your left and then your right, making sure you power through the punches and not throw your arm around.


Elbow Raises

Staying in standing position, place your palms and forearms against each other and lift up and down. Make sure to keep your elbows together as well - trust me you’ll feel it!


Wall Sit

Go to a wall space without anything in the way and then back up against it, slowly moving down into a seated position where your knees are over your feet. You want to get low enough to feel it and hold.


Side Leg Raises

Start off by laying on your side and flex your feet towards you. Then you will lift up your leg all the way and then gently go back down repeatedly. Once your 2 sets are complete flip over and repeat on the other side!

This will be done on both sides so complete 2 sets on each side, 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest.


Toe Taps

Lay on your back and lift your legs up like you were going to do a crunch. Take one leg and tap your toe to the mat and back to original position and now repeat with the other leg, alternating throughout the whole set.


Bridge Raises

You’re still on the ground for this one so make sure your legs are tucked in close to your butt with your thighs close together. Lift up your hips up and back down - make sure you keep your form!



Get down on your mat on your hands and knees. Keeping one leg bent, extend the leg you will start the exercise on and pass over your other leg. You will then move your leg back to the same position and repeat continuously until the 20 seconds are up. After completing two sets, go onto the next leg. This will be done on both legs so complete on each leg, 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest for 2 sets.


Get in squat position and walk to one side of the wall, staying in the squat and then turn around to walk back.