TV Review: The Strain

In 2014, there was the Ebola outbreak in Africa and the minute it reached the United States, there was panic all around. I remember my friend fearing that it was going to spread throughout the US. Luckily, the virus was contained and nothing serious occurred in the US like it had in Africa. Based off the books written by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, this show deals with a similar premise and is packed with suspense and excitement.


In short, the Strain is an ancient virus and lethal virus that comes to New York City in an airplane on Regis Flight 753. To make matters worse, it has been released into the populated city of New York and is running rampant. But there’s something different about this virus. It causes the person that is infected to become a vampire– and not a typical one that has fangs and looks gorgeous. In the show, they are called strigoi, and affected victims become pale, almost ashen looking and have stingers that extend up to six feet. Worst of all, they attack and turn those they love the most into strigoi themselves.


The show follows Ephraim Goodweather (actor Corey Stoll), who is a doctor for the CDC. He joins his friends in their fight against the strigoi. He and his coworker, Nora Martinez (actress Mía Maestro) are the first ones to come into contact with the disease. They try everything to battle this – including attempting to find a vaccine and even using a bioweapon against the strigoi. Then, Abraham Setrakian (actor David Bradley) enters the show. He is a Jewish pawnbroker who knows a lot more than he lets on. Also, there is the rat exterminator Vasiliy Fet (actor Kevin Durand) who becomes more than just a rat exterminator. Finally, you have Dutch Velders (actress Ruta Gedmintas), a British computer hacker who can kick some serious butt. The four of them know the truth about the strigoi and how to defeat them, and that’s what they set out to do.


Only three seasons have been released so far and the fourth and final season is due to release in fall 2017 on FXNow. Will Goodweather and his crew be able to take back everything that’s lost? Or will all of humanity be lost and devoured by the strigoi?

So why should you watch this show? Because it has vampires and who doesn’t like them? True, they aren’t your typical Edward Cullen type, but that’s what makes the show amazing. These are a new type of vampire that has never been seen before. Also, I love this show because you’re always at the edge of your seat, thinking something is going to happen but then it doesn’t. The anticipation is overwhelming when you are watching how time is running out for humans as these strigoi are taking over the city. Plus, the cast is amazing! You get to watch them grow and deal with things that they thought could never be reality. If you’re looking for a thrilling and suspenseful sci-fi show that has characters racing against the clock, this is the show for you.