Thor Ragnarok Review

All my close friends know that I’m a huge Marvel fan (yes, I’m a nerd). I had seen the Iron Man movies, Captain America, and Thor but my love for Marvel really grew after watching Avengers. After watching the first Avengers movies, I couldn’t wait for the next Marvel movie to come out. Thor: Ragnarok came out the first week of November and I had been waiting for it since the first trailer had come out. I watched any clips that Marvel released concerning the movie and interviews with the cast. When the weekend came for the movie to come out, I asked my roommates if they wanted to see it and that’s how I spent my weekend.

This Thor movie is unlike the others. It was lighter than the others and a lot funnier. From what I had heard, many people didn’t like the first two Thor movies because they were always serious and even with the slight bit of humor they had, they weren’t as funny as the other Avengers or Avengers related movies. Chris said during the 2017 Comic Con panel that he wanted the third movie to be different from the other Thor movies and that is what happened.

In this movie, Thor is fighting against the Goddess of Death, Hela (above), to stop her from destroying his home, Asgard. To do this, he creates his own team to fight her. He enlists Bruce Banner (The Hulk) who no one knew went after the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Valkyrie, who has her own past with Hela, ends up fighting for Asgard. Thor’s dead brother Loki, who isn’t so dead, ends up being a part of the team indirectly. Then there’s Thor himself who has lost his hammer but gained a new haircut. Honestly, the oddest group of people work together to try to beat Hela before she destroys Asgard and they manage to work with each other as well as they could. There’s still that unease between Loki and Bruce Banner after what happened between the two during the first Avengers movie. Bruce is still battling with his feelings about being the Hulk which is who the Thor needs to fight Hela.

I loved this movie so much more than the first Thor movies. Between the long-waited rematch between Thor and The Hulk, to the random humor that pops up at unexpected moments, this movie was full of surprises! There were two big surprises I would say in the movie that I would have never expected but I loved the twist they played for the movie. I have told everyone I know to go and watch this movie. You don’t even have to watch the other Thor movies, which was something else that I liked about this movie. It ties in with the Avengers as well as the other Thor movies, but if you watch it alone you won’t be lost at all. So, grab some popcorn and join Thor as he tries to save his home from being destroyed!