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The Best Presents Ever

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jefferson chapter.

It seems I anticipate the Winter holidays just as winter wraps up. After years of present-receiving, I have found I greatly appreciate every present, but I use my practical presents the most frequently. Now you might think, wow, the author is such a stickler. Let me elaborate on why practical gifts are the best.

  1. Experiences: Adventures don’t have to be trips overseas or amusement parks. Personally, I think getting a Minecraft account is an experience in itself. It’s a lifetime purchase; you can play with friends, globally, or by yourself. It’s a great deal for the introvert in your life that needs another way to connect to others, express their creativity, or need to be scared by creepers. Or take out your family or friend for something they like or have expressed they want to do/try. Do they want to try Oreo fried pancakes? Take them. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Practical (Daily-Use) Gifts: A cat mug, food, a journal, a memory box, or even perfume. On the other hand, I love even the containers that come in because they are multifunctional as storage containers or even present boxes. Moreover, due to these gifts that I use in my everyday life, I remember people in my life very frequently. Maybe this is even a stretch, but psychologically, since I am using it often and associate mostly good feelings and gratitude to them, this feeling might pass over to each respective friend as well.
  3. Monetary: This is controversial but if you are not that close with someone or are not sure what to get them, money (cash or a gift card) is a good option. Maybe a Netflix gift card or a card to their favorite food place with a customized birthday card. The sum of money doesn’t have to be large, it’s just that the receiver can use the money to buy something they love or buy something for someone they love.

Everyone differs in their desire for presents, and despite how small or big they may be, the important thing is the thought and person behind it.

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