Thanksgiving Day Alternatives

For eighteen Thanksgivings in a row, my mother and I, along with a few friends and family here and there, have done a small home cooked Thanksgiving meal (despite the sweet potatoes and Mac and cheese I always get from Boston Market beforehand) and spent the rest of the late evening into the early morning shopping the Black Friday sales. However, this year we plan to do something a bit different. We have decided to spend our time giving back and volunteering. We haven’t decided where to help yet but there are many options for not only my family, but for anyone who is interested in giving back during the holiday season. Homeless shelters, women’s centers/shelters, soup kitchens, and so on. One place that is specifically looking for help is the Roxborough Community Thanksgiving Meal, located at the Roxborough YMCA on November 28th. Even if you don’t specifically go to a place for long, or spend the whole holiday there, it's the thought and effort that counts. Instead of wasting the food you aren’t going to use or eat, donate a dish or a pie to a soup kitchen for people in need. Same goes with old coats and warm clothes. As winter nears and the warm weather comes to an end, take some time to purge through your closets and rid yourself of that five year old coat that hasn’t came out of the closet since the season you bought it. These are all things that can be donated to people, women, men, and children in need. With that, I hope everyone has a lovely start to fall and the holiday season!