Texting Won't Resolve Your Fight

Have you ever argued over text with a friend? Things get misconstrued, words that they didn’t mean were said, and you end up writing paragraphs that perpetuate even more miscommunication? It’s something that many of us can relate to and sometimes this type of drama can find you unexpectedly.

I for one can identify with this situation. Oftentimes, I’ve expressed my feelings in what I think is a coherent way over text, and it is blown out of proportion by a friend. There have been times when I have been that friend and thought that their text was communicating an attitude that wasn’t there. From many of these experiences, I’ve come to a conclusion.

Texting almost always will not resolve a fight, and it certainly won’t resolve a friendship. If there is any way to make amends with a friend, do it face to face, or if you are dealing with an issue while being self isolated, a facetime call, or a phone call at the very least, is a more efficient way of hearing each other out. Even when you are seeking a friend to understand you, texting can’t communicate what the emotions of your face exude, and it can’t communicate the inflection of your voice that lends transparency to your emotions.

Not only this, but it can be so taxing to type out your feelings in text. How many times have we sat by our phone, awaiting a long paragraph, or practically a novel from your friend, that often just creates more hostility towards one another? Texting can also drag out your arguments, and can cause us to feel pressure to type out responses instantly. This aspect alone can take up so much of your mental space.

If you ever start to find yourself in this situation, tell your friend that you can’t keep texting, that it’s better to talk it out in person, and schedule a time to meet or call one another. Let’s remember, we all text for the convenience of it all--asking each other about our day, sending each other funny Tik-Toks...not for ironing out emotional conflicts.