Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung!

The weather is warm, and everyone is ready to forget their winter blues and go nuts. There is so much adventuring to do with more space to wander around and everyone’s moods seem to be sky high. With this warm weather popping up though, it’s important to make sure your mental health, and the mental health of your friends is still in check. Sometimes, all our troubles seem to disappear with the cold weather, but other times, all those winter blues bubble up and overwhelm us at once. Make sure as this spring rolls around that you and the people around you are your healthiest selves.

Eat the right kind of food

            Currently, my schedule is completely packed with deadlines, work, school, and attempting to maintain a social life. With everything going on I tend to only eat a bowl of cereal or some granola bars. Make sure you’re eating square meals and if you are only snacking, have variety! Get little bags of apples or some grapes along with your granola bars and makes sure you have some actual food in your stomach with all the coffee and energy drinks you’re chugging. Along with that, drink plenty of water! Grab a sustainable water bottle that holds at around 32 oz and drink up! Hydration keeps you running more than anything else. 

Schedule everything

            My planner saves my life, I actually write everything down in multiple places so I don’t forget everything. My planner has everything written down in details day by day and on the planner’s calendar. I also put everything in my phone, so I have it at all times. Making sure that you don’t overlap things in your schedule will keep you the slightest bit saner. Don’t forget to give yourself enough time to get from place to place too! I always forget to account for traffic and that has definitely screwed me over in the past. Take deep breaths as you go from place to place, being overwhelmed will do you more harm than good.

Give yourself a time and a place to breath

            Breathing is important! You deserve a break from all the craziness so make sure your plans involve giving yourself time to rest. Sleep is important but understandably not always attainable. Even if a power nap is out of the question, take some time to put your homework away, shut off your phone, and sit and breath for 10 minutes.

Check up on your friends  

            You are absolutely not alone in anything you do. Whether it’s serious stuff, school stuff, family stuff, or whatever, make sure you have someone to talk to and make sure you are available for your friends to talk to. Send a quick text to a friend you haven’t seen in a bit to make sure they’re doing ok; every bit of appreciation is appreciated.