Spring fashion forward: six trends to try

Things are heating up—and I’m definitely talking about the weather. It seems that every time spring comes around in Philadelphia, higher temperatures really do spring forward with no warning. To get accustomed to wearing less and going out more, here are some fashion pieces that you can assemble into your outfits for the new season.

  1. 1. Bucket Hats

    Bucket hats made a big splash a few years ago with the pervasive 90s comebacks in fashion. So many bold, solid colored bucket hats have caught my eye while shopping recently. I just bought this plum bucket hat from Urban Outfitter’s sale bin, and I’m so excited to wear it with other accessories.

  2. 2. Beaded necklaces 

    Layered multicolored beaded necklaces spice up any outfit. Paired with a neutral-colored tank top or sundress, you have a solid look.

  3. 3. Long skirts

    There has been an usher of Y2k comebacks this year, and long skirts are no exception. They look chic with a baby tee, and there are endless patterns to choose from.

  4. 4. Y2K tinted shades

    Why did people ever stop wearing light blue shades with rhinestones? There’s just something about vintage shades that make you feel like you’re in a Britney Spears music video, I’m thinking of “Overprotected,” specifically.

  5. 5. Shoulder bags

    Another Y2k inspired trend on this list, shoulder bags add such a charming silhouette with any outfit. They can look especially cute with a buckle, or shaped like a baguette. Vintage is the way to go if you are looking for a unique shoulder bag.

  6. 6. Platform sandals 

    As a short girl, I’m elated to see these shoes making a comeback. I’ll admit that I’m not crazy about flip flops, but make them a platform, and I’m all over it! Platforms look adorable with the aforementioned long skirt, as well.

The best thing about this list is that every item can be worn together to create a cohesive outfit! Picture yourself walking around the city (masked of course), bucket hat drenched in the sun, necklaces reflecting the sunlight, baguette bag swinging at your shoulder. Now it feels like spring!