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Sister Chapter CC’s Megan and Jacinda from Penn State Berks

Her Campus is all about creating partnerships that empower women, and one way they facilitate that is through partnerships with other local chapters. This semester, our sister chapter is Her Campus at Penn State Berks, and we’re introducing their CC’s with a profile! (Check out Her Campus Penn State Berks’ article on our CC’s!)

Introduce yourself in two sentences!

Megan: I’m Megan and I’m a junior at Penn State Berks! I am from Shillington, which is ten minutes from campus and my double major is in Business and Professional Writing. I also have a Women’s Studies minor.

Jacinda: I’m Jacinda I am a sophomore at Penn State Berks. I am a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Spanish. I also have two minors in Women’s Studies and Latino/a Studies.

What made you decide you wanted to get involved at Her Campus?

M: I needed an internship so I joined Her Campus. I heard of them before, but was never interested until this past year. I needed the opportunity and I’m glad I took it! I love being able to write about any topic that I want to. I was also looking for editorial experience. I didn’t know that I would gain a lot of managerial experience as well!

J: I was introduced to Her Campus the summer before starting my college career. I thought the idea of being involved with not only something on campus, but also with something that can literally reach to millions of people. The Her Campus community is so accepting and so wide that no matter who you are or where you come from there is something that you can relate to. It can also act as a safe space for the people who need it. I am all about diversity and accepting people for who they are, so why not join a community that does just that?

How long have you been a CC?

M: We’ve had the chapter since Fall 2016.

What’s your favorite thing that you’ve done or accomplished as a CC

M: When we got the chapter, it was just the two of us. We don’t have an active enough chapter to be able to become a club, but we still managed to get ten members. I’ve grown my portfolio to have 100 pieces as well as gained experience that I can take with me when I move on to other experiences.

J: When I first started at Her Campus I was ONLY here for social media, then when I got more comfortable with the Her Campus vibe I started writing articles. Once I had a few published I became comfortable with the idea of having my work seen on the internet and I enjoyed it a lot. So, growing as a writer is my favorite thing that I accomplished.

What types of things do you like to do in your free time?

M: I like to drink tea, eat Oreos, and take naps. I also love to go to the beach, participate in NaNoWrimo and Camp NaNoWrimo, and read books (I write book blogs for HC).

J: In my free time I enjoy watching television, I love a good show to binge watch. I also enjoy the gym especially after a hard week – I get to burn off all the bad vibes and calories at once!

Favorite local hangout?

M: I like to go to Panera or Zoup to get homework done. I also love to visit Target, Ulta, and Barnes and Noble, conveniently located less than a half mile from campus!

J: My favorite local hang out around campus is the Pagoda. The view from that building is amazing. I love seeing the serenity of the city just right below and just everything about it. It the perfect place to escape when you can’t afford a peaceful mall trip.

Wawa or Sheetz? Why?

M: Wawa! I have one right around the corner from my house. We might be getting a Sheetz in the same block as Wawa, but for now, Wawa is better. I go there at least twice a week.

J: Wawa for sure! I don’t even know why this is still up for debate! I love Wawa, my life depends on Wawa. I just feel like Sheetz tries too hard and Wawa is so unbothered by it.

What do you want to accomplish in the next five years?

M: I want to get a dog, which is going to be closer to the five year mark. I’d also love to have a book published as well, whether that be a novel or a children’s book. I hope to be working as an editor because that’s what I like to do and I also want to get out of the time zone and the country for the first time!

J: I would hope to have traveled some more and finish my schooling. I hope that I am living in New York with a pet turtle. I also see myself working for ESPN, my dream job. In five years, I hope that my family is proud of everything that I have done and everything that I will be doing.

What is something you hope to do this year?

M: Learn how to crochet! I tried to but it didn’t work out too well; I kept losing stitches for whatever reason. I also want to try aerial silks and stand up paddle boarding!

J: This year I would like a visit a different country and just experience new things. I love creating new experiences. I also want to start my own YouTube page. I have been putting off starting my channel for a while now and I can’t wait to start it.

What did you do over Spring Break?

M: I went to Baltimore Inner Harbor and petted a stingray. I also went to the shore for a couple of days.

J: My spring break was pretty boring. All I did was work at my jobs back home and catch up on homework.

What do you do over the summer?

M: I go to the beach for half the summer! I will also read about 25 books and I will be an Orientation Leader when school starts in August.

J: Over the summer I am just going to work my jobs back at home and prepare for the school year. I hopefully will take some trips to the beach and amusement parks and enjoy the weather.

What are you looking forward to the most this year?

M: I’ll hopefully get to do a beer run in the summer. I’m 21 and don’t like to drink, but I like the novelty of it. I got my driver’s license and turned 21 last year, so this year is a bit slower.

J: Next year I transfer to University Park to complete my majors and I am excited for this new experience and to meet new people. Just the thought of it all brings me joy as I am getting closer and closer to my life goals. I hope that I can continue to make my family proud of me.

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