Sam Colonna

Sam Colonna (they/them/theirs) is a first year BioPsychology major from Chesapeake Virginia.


What made you choose to come to Jefferson?

Well Jefferson (Philadelphia University at the time) was a 99% match for me on college board. I visited and as soon as I saw the campus I knew I really liked it. My major is also not offered at a lot of schools, so that was a big reason for me coming here. It also like that it is small and close to the city without being in it


Why did you chose Biopsych as a major?

Psychology has always interested me, as well as biology. With the major, there is an option to focus on animal behavior. I have always wanted to work with animals, and I think it is really interesting how animals interact.


What is your ideal job after graduation?

I would love to rehabilitate animals in traumatic or abusive situations and find families to take care of them. I also want to broaden the reach that therapy and emotional support animals have. Dogs have been found to be great grief support during a funeral, as they can sense those who need comfort the most.


What are you involved in on campus?

I am co-president of the Queer Student Union. I also am a rambassador, and I am going to be an RA next year.


How did you become co-president of QSU?

Ali Stefanik (Assistant Director of Student Engagement for Diversity and Social Justice on campus) brought together people to try to restart the Queer Student Union as it fell apart a little last year. Both Carson Eckard and I were interested in being president, so we decided to both be co-presidents.


What are some things that QSU does on campus?

This year we have done a bake sale, held a vigil for Trans Day of Remembrance, celebrated and raised awareness for Coming Out Day, and planned events for Unity Week. Our Unity Week viewing and discussion of The Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson had to be rescheduled, so we are now doing that on April 27th. We have meetings every other week on Thursdays. When we don’t have official meetings, we still meet at Ted’s to drink coffee and hang out.


What are some things you hope to start on campus?

Next year, QSU is hoping to co-sponsor the drag. We also are going to be sponsoring a one-woman drag show that a student is planning. QSU wants to create more events focused on gay holidays like days of visibility and days of silence, as well as keep the events that started this year like the vigil.