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Reasons to get Involved in Extra-curricular Activities

1. Great way to make new friends!

One great deciding factor when you consider to get into an extra-curricular activity is that it can help you make friends. When you’re a freshman in college, the world might seem like such a big place for someone like you. If you find it even more difficult that you imagined to make new friends at a new school, consider what your interests are and try to find a club that meets those interests. You’ll find it to be a lot easier to make friends with people who share your interests!

2. Multi-tasking Pro!

Another benefit from getting involved with extra-curricular activities is it can help you improve your multi-tasking. When you taking on not only classes but also meetings, you’ll quickly learn that in order to keep up you need to set yourself a schedule and keep everything on track. Maybe you can even use a planner! Learning to accommodate your busy schedule will help you to multitask.

3. It looks good!

You may here this a lot, but I definitely agree that extra-curricular activities look great on your resume! Especially if you stay involved in a club for a long period of time and even grow to become a leader with club operations, employees like for you to demonstrate leadership and teamwork!

4. Self Confidence

Silly enough, getting involved in different extra-curricular activities can help improve your confidence. The more skills you learn from different activities can help contribute to your self-esteem, and once you find which activity suits you best, you’ll feel more confident in what you’re passionate about.



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