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Rating Animes I’ve Watched This Semester

    I am convinced that this semester flew by only because how the world of anime took me into a different dimension. I got into anime during winter break this year and as a newcomer I've watched just a handful of some shows. Anime pulled through this semester. ?

    I have compiled a list of the handful of animes I've watched and what they are like as well as how I would rate them. My summaries are fuzzy because I binge watch them and don't really remember the details from some of the earlier shows. Also, my ratings should be taken with a grain of salt because 1) I don't remember the details 2) I really liked all of them 3) These are ALL the animes I’ve ever watched.


  1. Hunter X Hunter                                                                               30000/10
    • Really great show funny, morally relevant, and entertaining.
    • Gon is such an inspirational kid.
    • Hisoka is kinda ... an oddball... for sure.
  2. ONE PIECE                                                                                           20000/10
    • Similar vibes to HxH
    • Luffy and Gon could be friends.
    • Comfort show
    • I don't like the fight scenes because Luffy is always going to win, so where's the suspense?
    • 900ish episodes. only 130ish available on Netflix.
  3. Full Metal Alchemist                                                                      10/10
    • It's all a blur
    • I was really invested though
    • Funny and deep, a good combination
  4. DEATHNOTE                                                                                       8/10
    • This was one of the earlier animes I watched and to be honest I usually get scared by shows like this, but this was one was fascinating
    • Fun and fresh
    • Main character low-key creepy. Aren't you supposed to empathize with the main character and care for them? Or maybe this was purposefully done to show the true nature of humanity, I do not know.
  5. The Promised Neverland                                                              8/10
    • Also, a more of a horror utopia/dystopia vibe, but I really enjoyed the plot
    • Waiting for Season 2
    • I'm proud to say I watched it before it started trending on TikTok ?
  6. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K                                                      10/10
    • Great comfort show
    • Saiki is just hilarious
    • Not binge-worthy because the episode plots are sort of repetitive.
  7. Great Pretender                                                                               7/10
    • One of the first shows I watched so I don't really remember a lot other than it being about a criminal organization.
    • I really like the evil mastermind kind of thing, where they've figured out their opponents moves before it even happens.
  8. March Comes in like a Lion                                    10/10 for deepness, -3/10 for binge-worthiness
    • Very deep, and more slow-paced compared to the others on this list
    • Very introspective main character
    • May cause crying and emotions!
    • Relaxing/calming show but kind of eerie, not binge-material
  9. Erased                                                                                                  7/10
    • To be honest, don't remember what this show was about but I liked it I think...
    • I think it was a more serious mood with some eerie 
    • Quick watch for a weekend or night of streaming

    Have you watched one of these animes before? Do you agree with my ratings? I hope you all will consider wandering into the world of anime if you need something new to watch this summer. Good luck with finals everybody!


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