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Parade underwear is worth the parade!

I have seen ads for Parade all over my Instagram and reviewed on all my favorite sustainable blogs, so I decided it was finally time to give it a try. I bought one pair for myself and one pair for my bestie, and I have to say, it is absolutely worth the hype!

Parade is a woman owned and operated sustainable underwear company that celebrates sexiness in every form. Their advertising and website are stunning to look at; their models are unphotoshopped and are unique and beautiful in their own ways. The underwear itself comes in a ton of colors, styles, and prints as well. I had a tough time choosing what style and color to get, but now that I’ve bought one pair, I’ll definitely be buying more soon. I recommend going on their cite and looking around, there is something for everyone!

I was so excited when my package arrived, their packaging is compostable and made from 100% corn starch; too cool! I think it’s really important for companies to follow through on sustainability in every form they can. Having sustainable packaging is such a great way to cut down on plastic and paper waste. Not only did I receive underwear in my package, I also got the cutest stickers and a referral card for a friend! The underwear is so cute and honestly the comfiest I’ve ever worn. I got the highrise thong and I think the style is really unique and cool. I cannot recommend this brand enough and am so excited to buy more pairs!

Sam Miller

Jefferson '21

Hi! I'm Sam, I'm a fashion design major, my favorite color is purple and I love to sew, dance, and go on Pinterest.
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