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Our Favorite Things from 2017


A few of Jefferson’s contributors wrote one of their favorite memories from 2017…


Summer Trip to Georgia & Tennessee: In August 2017 I took my first ever solo plane ride to Atlanta, Georgia to see my boyfriend after his internship ended and drive back to Pennsylvania with him. We started in Atlanta and stayed at the Smoky Mountains for a couple days before driving home. It was so much fun for so many reasons and we were able to see beautiful things. I found out that Chattanooga, Tennessee is a city I want to head back to and I fell in love with the Smokies. It was one of my favorite vacations I’ve ever been on to date.

  •  Kellyn

Study Abroad to Rome, Italy: In January 2017, I went to Europe for the first time! For 4 months, I lived in the beautiful city of Rome, and was able to travel to other countries such as Hungary, France, Ireland and Spain. I learned so much about myself as well as other cultures around the world, and it was a very eye opening experience! I can’t wait until my next adventure to an unsuspecting country. If you ever get the chance to travel outside of the United States, take it!

  • Corinne


Skiing 15 Miles: This summer I water skied 15 miles between marines at Lake Don Pedro. It was such a big deal because my dad use to do that run all the time while my grandpa drove the boat. At the start of the summer I told my dad I really wanted to do it and follow in his footsteps, so I “trained” all summer at the lake with my family. Completing the 15 miles with my dad driving the boat just like his father used to do meant so much to me, and having my entire family cheering in the boat and knowing my grandpa was looking down with a smile on his face made it even better!


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