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There are only 4 episodes of New Girl that are Christmas themed, but all of them are beautiful in their own way. Here is my ranking of the episodes, from least to most favorite.

  1. Santa, Season 2 Episode 11: This is my least favorite Christmas episode. It’s pretty boring besides Nick’s adventures in exhibitionism with his “Stripper Girlfriend.” I was never a fan of Doctor Sam, so his presence in this episode doesn’t really change my opinion of it, no matter how dreamy he is, or how cool he exits. While Season 2 Winston still isn’t developed into the Winston we all know and love, we do get some good shenanigans out of him at the radio station party, and we see some cute Nick and Jess scenes, and heartbreaking Schmidt and Cece content. Worth the watch, but definitely not an episode to show your friends to convince them that New Girl is the funniest show ever.
  2. The 23rd, Season 1 Episode 9: My first criticism of this show is entirely unrelated to the holiday theme. I don’t know why but the camera work in this episode is unusually wiggly and The Office-esque; not my fav. Moving on! This definitely isn’t my favorite episode, but it is really cute. We get some cute scenes that show Schmidt’s personality and undying love for Cece (can you tell they’re my favorite TV couple?). Genzlinger is only one of my favorite exes because it’s Justin Long, but Nick locking himself on the balcony with Jess and Paul after telling Paul that Jess “doesn’t love him right now” is hilarious. Candy Cane Lane is a cute scene, and the Winston-Elvin plotline is my favorite. Overall, I think this episode does a great job showing the characters personalities and is the perfect first season Christmas episode.
  3. Christmas Eve Eve, 6×10: I love this episode. Darlene Love? Megan Fox? Beanbag chairs? What’s not to love? I think throughout most of Season 6 (my least favorite season because Regan is annoying), I can relate to Jess trying to make everyone else happy despite watching Nick fall in love with someone else. Christmas Eve Eve is no different; Jess has been planning a Secret Santa for the last month, and suffice it to say, nothing goes the way she hoped. But in classic New Girl holiday-special fashion, the episode gives us a happy ending and shows the love the friends have for each other.
  4. LAXmas, 4×11: Some may argue that “Judaism, son!”, is the best Schmidt line from a holiday episode. I raise you, “Cry about that, you dirty old b*tch!” Another great line from this episode, “Call me if you want to hang out this week. I was thinking about going to the mountains and crying at some point, but that’s flexible.” This is my favorite holiday episode, for the sole reason that God Only Knows does in fact play at the end, we get the happy ending, and everyone ends up where they belong for the holidays.
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