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  1. Cupid by Fifty Fifty 

This song is so cute, fun, and bubbly, it instantly puts me into a good mood! I’m a fan of songs in all different languages and this song is in Korean! My obsession with this song has been insane, every time I listen, I play it on repeat for HOURS 

  1. Golden Hour by JVKE  

Y’all…THIS. SONG. IS. AMAZING. Once again, another repeat song! I love to live out my Disney main character fantasies and listen to this song at full volume while driving. The one song on TikTok that’s hyped right now that I truly feel can’t be overplayed.  

  1. All Your Love by Jakob  

Amazing. Top tier. Chef’s kiss. I love this song for its calming effect. I mainly play it when I’m studying, working on projects, or late at night when I can’t sleep.  

  1. Not My Job by FLO 

My absolute favorite R&B girl group right now so I must put you guys on them. FLO Is insanely talented, but this song is my favorite out of their entire discography. Everyone needs to love FLO, or I’ll cry.  

  1. The Letter by ATEEZ 

My all-time favorite song even after a year or so since its release. When I tell you I remember exactly where, when, and what I was doing when I first heard this song play. IT’S THAT GOOD! IT’S THAT ICONIC! Once again, this song is in a different language, Korean, but it’s so lovely and when you look up the meaning behind the lyrics, I want to cry even more.  

All of these artists are incredibly talented and make great music, so I encourage everyone to look at their discography fully! J BONUS SONG: Old Love by Yuji and Putri Dahlia 11/10, such a hit! 

Diamond Porter

Jefferson '25

I’m Diamond, a fashion design major at Thomas Jefferson University set to graduate in 2025. I sew, paint, draw, and design and I’m interested in owning my own business and clothing line or becoming a professional stylist!