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My Top 5 Instagram Accounts to Stalk When I’m Bored

Instagram is hands down the best social media platform ever invented.  If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly scrolling late at night, in awkward social situations, or on the toilet (admit it, we all do it).  It’s always good to have a few accounts to check when your feed is dry, so here are my top 5.

  1. @everyoutfitonsatcThis account is one of my favorites.  They post at least once a day and always have funny captions bashing or praising the crazy outfits on Sex and the City.  It’s run by Chelsea Fairless, a New York based designer, and Lauren Garroni, a runner of a fashion website.  Their vast fashion knowledge comes through in all of their posts, which makes it especially appealing to me as a fashion major.  They have their own Carrie and Miranda inspired merch and sometimes they even find pieces from the show to sell!
  2.  @swipes4daddyThis account is truly a gem.  The mastermind behind this account goes on Tinder and sets the age 45+, and then screenshots the results of the conversations.  They range between laugh out loud funny to downright cringe-worthy, but they are always entertaining.  I highly recommend reading them with friends.  This account has been the source of many late nights up laughing in my apartment.
  3. @textsfromyourexThis account is exactly what the name describes.  People send in anonymous messages from their exes and the result is hilarious.  I highly recommend this for people recently out of relationships or bitter singles.  All of the submissions are exactly what most of us wish we could say to our exes, if only we had the balls.  Live vicariously through this Instagram account. 
  4. dan_clayLook, yet another Sex and the City themed account! The funny thing is, I don’t even watch that show that much, but it definitely has the best fan accounts.  Dan Clay’s alter ego is Carrie Dragshaw, and he is fabulous.  I actually discovered this account through the aforementioned @everyoutfitonsatc.  Along with the spot on replicas of Carrie’s outfits in side-by-side images, he also posts captions reminiscent of some of Carrie’s long winded monologues, and it gives me life.
  5. @graybenkoThis one is a little different than the other accounts I featured.  This one isn’t necessarily funny, it’s just adorable.  I’m an avid child-avoider, but something about Gray’s two adorable redheads keeps me coming back.  Her photography skills are also something that make this account special.  The pictures, settings, and kids are gorgeous and it just makes me happy to get snapshots into their cute little lives. 
I am a sophomore Fashion Merchandising major from the eastern shore of Maryland. My interests include books, fashion, music, and movies.
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