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If you’re like me, I have a really hard time paying attention when there is music playing, but I also get really distracted by noises when there is silence. As a junior in college, I’ve finally figured out what works best for me. I will either listen to music that has no lyrics and a very soothing, regulated melody, or I will listen to blank noise. Here are some of my favorites! 

Enjoy and happy studying!

  • Effective Beta Waves that Improve concentration and focus
  • In Due Time by Jasper Harris
  • Faure/ Arr.Diluka: 3 songs, Op. 23: No. 1 by Gabriel Fare and Shani Diluka
  • Merel by Yonder
  • Light Rays by Counting Waves
  • A Mile Away by Cristian Vivaldi
  • Elisa ll by heik
  • Eventide by Louis Mercier
  • Autumn by Jasper Harris
  • Waltz by BARTH.
  • Olivia by James Homard
  • both sides of the coin by Electric Rivers
  • High Up by Mirror Inside
  • line up by Golden Horses

I’ve heard some people also find it nice to listen to songs they know by heart. Songs that are really familiar give your space sounds but don’t distract you from the work because you’re not as invested in the song due to your familiarity. 

Try new things and see what works for you!

Mari Adamson

Jefferson '24

Mari is a 4th year at Jefferson University, majoring in health sciences and enrolled in the Pre-Physician's Assistant Program with a minor in Law. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and finding new places to eat. She also has a passion for photography and self-care!