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With Daylight savings, colder weather, and a semester that is wrapping up, I have noticed a subtle shift in the type of music I’m listening to. Now, I have minimal knowledge on music terminology, so I apologize to musicians as I explain this shift. As I sink into “sad girl” feelings and seek comfort that I’m not alone through music, the shift has been into sadder songs with meaningful lyrics. The music itself has been slower paced, with a steady or powerful beat, and more mellow than some of my typical listens.

  1. Happier Than Ever – Billie Eilish (To the same extent, Olivia Rodrigo’s songs hit different right now)
  2. Take it Slow & Feeling Blue – Milky Day
  3. One Night Only – Sonder
  4. Hawaiian Black Sand – The Black Skirts
  5. Like a Fool – NIve ft Sam Kim (NIve music & covers in general) Sam Kim
  6. Love me Like That – Sam Kim
  7. Only – LeeHi (LeeHi’s voice, chills)
  8. Easy on Me – Adele (I love belting this song. Also, it’s vague and specific at the same time, so it can fit within so many contexts)
  9. Don’t – EAeon, RM (EAeon & RM are great artists for sad girl fall)
  10. Visiting Hours – Ed Sheeran
  11. Used to Me, Paragraphs, Shouldn’t Be – Literally any Luke Chiang 
  12. Most Keshi songs to be honest
  13. Everywhere – Bad People by TAEK
  14. Lover Boy – Phum Viphurit
  15. Vapor Rub, universe, chances – thuy
  16. AKMU’s songs, I’m so happy I found them 
  17. Oddly specific, but French lo-fi music

Thank you for reading!

Meeval Biju

Jefferson '24

Hello hello, I'm a sophomore here at Jefferson University. I love music, science, and sleep!
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