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You’ve seen “Best study spots on campus” or “Best dining halls” or maybe even “Best date spots on campus” (actually I haven’t seen that one, yet), but are you ready for my go-to nap spots?

To preface, this list is subjective, therefore I dare not label this as the “best” of course. However, I will give you mine. (Not so that whenever I go in, the spot’s taken and I leave the building crying – no.) I’m compiling this list to show you that it is possible to find a comfy, private spot for you to nap on campus that isn’t a dorm. 

I can’t just sleep anywhere unless I am extremely tired – to the point of nodding off in my anatomy or chemistry classes. I can fall asleep within minutes, but feeling secure in my sleeping spot is a prerequisite to the actual sleeping. Anyway, let’s get on with the list.

1. 3rd Floor Library

2 words: Cat nap. I love sleeping in the sun. Obviously, I don’t prefer to sleep while the light is hitting my face, but I do like the warmth that the sun provides while I bathe in the sunlight like a cat. The area is a designated quiet area, too, so you are guaranteed a comfortable spot at a desk – semi-hidden from the world. It’s private enough so that other students will not even look your way. Blocked by the numerous bookshelves anyway, the only people who will even see you are people walking on the inside section looking for a spot. Not only this, but nobody will steal your stuff either! And that is the number 1 reason not to sleep in Kanbar, aside from the obvious noise reason. 

2. 1st Floor DEC

The digital media center is super nice. With comfortable couches designed in a booth style, you and a friend can nap together in a very warm place. This seating literally sinks in with your body weight – I think it’s made of memory foam or something extremely soft. While the sunlight depends on whether or not the blinds are drawn, this area is still more than enough to put you to sleep. Now, I was unaware of this spot until recently when I walked in there and 6 different students were occupying a different booth and napping. This space hits all the qualifications of a prime napping space minus the sun. Bring a blanket and all of your tests and assignments will just be things outside of your dreamland. 

3. Gutman Quad

Yes, I mean the quad. That big grassy area in front of the library with the stage on it is what I’m talking about. Now that they recently installed the hammocks, too, you can sleep not only on the quad, but next to the quad as long as you bring your own hammock. On the quad, all you need is a blanket – maybe 2 or three. And while this suffers from the problem I mentioned about Kanbar (being a target for theft), it is not as bad since so many people will be watching and who commits a crime in broad daylight? If this still concerns you, bring a buddy and nap together on the quad. The smell of grass and the bright rays of the sun to warm you up while you’re flipped over to avoid direct light – now that’s a spot! It’s quiet as long as no sports are taking place on it. 

Xiaoxin Li

Jefferson '27

Hello! My name is Xiaoxin and I'm currently a sophmore at Thomas Jefferson University studying health sciences and eventually medical lab sciences and biotechnology. I love cats and birds (weird combo, I know), k-pop, art, writing, and volleyball! I dabble a little in astrology and fashion, too. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔゝ☆