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I am probably the opposite of a fashion expert; thus, this article has absolutely zero validity other than the many opinions I hold within my brain. The approaching fall weather brings a sense of apprehension and joy to me. I cannot explain the apprehension, but the joy comes mainly in the form of warmer clothes, blankets, and food. However, the highlight of this article will be the immense styling options cooler weather brings us, and what I consider closet staples around this time.

  1. Flannels

Who doesn’t love a good flannel? (The answer is me, by the way). Although I personally don’t wear flannels nowadays, I definitely had a flannel phase in high school. Men tend to pair a flannel with a hoodie and call it a day. Women have much more versatility when it comes to styling these fall classics. So when you see your first flannel on campus, you know it’s time to start turning down the AC in your room. 

  1. Boots

As I prefaced this article, I am by no means a fashion anything. The trends of boots to wear in the fall have changed over time, and I personally owned none of them. I remember brown leather boots and those shorter black-tied boots trending while I was in middle and high school, and that is the extent of my boot knowledge. Somehow they just scream autumn when paired with the right hairstyle, shirt, and (fruit of your choice) picking.

Now that we are done with the two bare minimum staples of autumn, I will go into my personal favorites that I permit myself to use 365 days of the year. I also encourage reading this article with a pinch of humor as I, once again, am no fashion expert.

  1. Cardigans

Long, short, cropped, I absolutely adore cardigans. They are versatile, they provide texture, they provide color-blocking, and they are the moment (for me, at least). They are also perfect for those weather-transition days when it is 40 degrees when you go to school but 80 by noon.

  1. Sweaters

I believe the one and only downfall of sweaters is how bulky they are when you store them in the awkward phase between spring and fall (summer). Sweaters are the perfect way to dress up while doing the absolute bare minimum. The colors, styles, simplicity, complexity… they are just too good to be true and perfect for North-Eastern weather. 

  1. Long Pants

This is definitely too broad a category, but personally, shorts have such limited styling options. Long pants exist in the form of jeans, khakis, patterned pants, sweatpants, cargos, mom jeans, and more! This presents an infinite possibility of aesthetics and warmth. 

Although I am sad to bid summer farewell, this article provided me with dopamine and hope to cope with the upcoming cold and dreary days. Happy fall!

Meeval Biju

Jefferson '24

Hello hello! I'm a student at Jefferson University. I love science, music, food, and sleep.