My Favorite Holiday Movies

With the holiday season in full form right now, my favorite thing to do is get into my PJ’s, grab some hot chocolate, relax with friends and pick a good holiday movie to watch. There are so many good ones out there that just simply never get old. With finals around the corner and the reading days coming up, don’t forget to not kill yourself studying and still relax and kick back! Today was the last day of classes for me because on Monday I only have to come in for the time that my partner and I signed up to present our oral presentation, and the I’m completely done! I’m so glad that this semester is over soon and really looking forward to break and being able to relax with my family and friends that I don’t get to see as often. Here are some of my favorite holiday movies that will definitely make you laugh or feel nostalgic;

Christmas Vacation

This movie is funny and quirky. It has some bizarre scenes that will definitely make you laugh!


Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past

How can you resist a Matthew Mcconaughey movie?! This is a rom com that follows Mcconaughey’s character who plays a bachelor that can’t seem to settle down. He starts rethinking his life while at his brother’s holiday wedding. The movie is similar to the movie “A Christmas Carol” because it is formatted by going through Mcconaughey’s past, present, and future. I really like how this movie is a classic holiday movie concept with a spin!


Polar Express

This movie takes me back to my childhood. It’s great and the animation is honestly top notch. This movie is good from beginning to end!!


Home Alone (1 and 2)

This is definitely one of my favorite movies...not only holiday themed, but of all time. Now that I am older I really admire how this movie is so original and has a totally original concept to it. But seriously, how did this family manage to lose track of Kevin THREE times (because there are 3 movies)?!


A Christmas Carol (2009)

The remake of the original actually really surprised me (not that I remember watching the original because it’s so old, but typically remakes are not as good). I remember seeing this movie in theatres when I was younger and it was so good. I actually forgot about it until just now while coming up with this list. Jim Carrey does such a good voiceover in this movie on top of the animation being so different from others.


Four Christmases

BEST FOR LAST!!! I’m actually obsessed with this movie because it’s so freaking funny. The concept of this movie was pretty original too, it follows a couple that goes to each of their parent’s house over the course of two days for the holidays. It’s funny because usually the couple travels for the holidays but they run into a dilemma when their flight is cancelled, and they are forced to actually spend the holidays with family. All you need to know about this movie is that they reenact the manger scene when baby Jesus is born, and it is the highlight of the movie.


Make sure to check out all these awesome movies, they will for sure give you a good laugh and be a good buffer for finals season! Happy holidays and good luck to everyone grinding for finals for the remainder of the month!