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           I have to admit something …. I’m a huge candle enthusiast. I feel as though I am unintentionally buying a new candle every single shopping trip. So many people believe that candles are a useless and pointless purchase, but candles are awesome. Candles have many different purposes, such as filling up environments with delightful scents, relieving stress, decorating various spaces, and more. With Fall upon us (my ultimate favorite season), my candle addiction is increasing more and more. There are so many pleasant Fall scents that are out in the candle market currently. These wonderful candles really make you excited for Fall, as well as all the fun activities that come with the season. That is why I created a list of my Fall favorite candles. Don’t be intimidated either because this list is not just for candle enthusiasts like me; it is for anyone interested in trying or purchasing new candles.

  1. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (Bath and Body Works)- Single Wick Candle $14.50

           What is Fall without pumpkins? I feel like pumpkin scents ultimately define the Fall season. Sometimes, regular pumpkin scents can be boring and predictable. That’s why it is always a good idea to incorporate new scents into candles. For example, adding a cinnamon scent to the traditional pumpkin scent is an awesome idea. Personally, I really love cinnamon scents, and cinnamon scents remind me of all the delectable fall pastries offered. It will really make your room or space smell like a pumpkin pie is being baked in an oven nearby. I highly recommend buying!

           One of the many activities you can do in the Fall is apple picking. If you, unfortunately, cannot visit an orchard to partake in apple picking, the second-best option is to buy an apple-scented candle! This candle will make you feel like you are smelling crisp apples you just picked in an orchard. If you are into more fruity scents, this candle is definitely for you.

           I know what you’re thinking already… This scent sounds like it could either be mind-blowing or just really bad from the title. I promise you, though, that this scent smells really appetizing. If you have ever had the pleasure of eating banana bread, this candle smells exactly like that, but if it had a love child with a slice of pumpkin pie. Banana-flavored pastries and treats are some of my favorites, so this candle truly makes me happy. Definitely be open-minded to this scent and try it!

           Who doesn’t like roasting marshmallows in a bonfire on a cool Autumn night? This is exactly what this candle reminds me of. Your room and space will instantly make you feel like you are by a fire roasting marshmallows. Marshmallows and campfires are something mostly everyone enjoys, which means that this candle is a scent that everyone can enjoy as well!

           This candle is absolutely perfect to create a spooky aroma in your room and space for Halloween. First off, the candle is a pitch-black tint which is so awesome and perfect for the holiday. The scent surprisingly smells of patchouli flowers, which you would not expect from a witch-themed candle. Yet, this flowery scent is still so immaculate and bold. This candle is definitely for you if you want to spice up your room and space for Halloween but still want a nice scent.

           Hopefully, you can get your hands on these candles in time for Fall! I promise that these candles really make a huge difference in your room and space. They add a lot of good vibes and pleasing aromas. Please let me know if you find any other candles that are great for the Fall season or great in general. I love chatting about candles and sharing suggestions!

Alyssa Farmer

Jefferson '24

I'm Alyssa! I'm a second year Nursing student. I love music, crystals, astrology, incense, Halloween, Marvel, Squishmallows, ramen and animals!
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