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My Experience with Sorority Recruitment 

I’ll start by just being honest, Greek life recruitment scared the life out of me.

After seeing Bama Rush TikTok, I was seriously considering not doing it at all. I always wanted to be a part of the Greek life that is sisterhood, friendships, philanthropy, and outreach, but wanted to avoid the stereotypical, ‘mean girl’, cookie cutter aspects. After going through all of recruitment here at Jefferson I can say I have never been happier. While every school differs and every individual has a different experience, mine is irreplaceable.

Going into it I was very nervous, but my nerves were eased as soon as I sat down with my first sister. Making initial connections was so easy and fun and not at all as intimidating as I thought it would be. Whether I was talking about silly pet peeves or favorite movies, or my background and what I care about most, I always felt heard and like a valued part of the conversation. I felt so welcomed, so valued and really excited for each day.

I can’t ever say I had a favorite day because each one was so special, but one day that really did mean a lot to me was philanthropy. Hearing about each of the sororities and what causes they support was really eye opening. Being able to see the actual work they do while having fun and being so close and supportive assured me that I made the right decision.

Both sororities developed great relationships with amazing organizations and causes that I can’t wait to support. I was also encouraged by each sorority to develop more connections as a sister to causes that hit hard for me personally. Once Bid Day came, I was just so excited I finally understood the enthusiasm I had seen on social media. The environment is the most encouraging and supportive community I’ve ever seen, and what really surprised me most was how genuine it felt. It really does feel like a built-in family of people that are so supportive and kind. I am so happy I made the decision to take a chance and am so proud that I can now say I am a sister in the Theta Phi Alpha sorority!

Angelina Roustas

Jefferson '26

Hi, I'm Angelina Roustas! I am a freshman at Thomas Jefferson University in a 5 year PA program. I love everything to do with fashion and art; I spent all four years of high school learning how to sew and making collections. I also love music and pop culture (specifically Taylor swift, SNL, and reality TV).
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