Monthly Favorites: October

Check out some of our HC team members favorite moments from the month of October!

Vault and Vine

Like probably a lot of other people that live in East Falls, I just started going to the newly opened Vault and Vine coffee shop on Midvale. So far I’ve tried both their Mocha and Americano - both delicious. However, the best thing about V&V is that they’re also a greenhouse, so you’re always surrounded by beautiful plants. I even picked up a few succulents for my apartment while I was there! - Kellyn

Union Taco

I recently tried the best guacamole in the entire world and it’s from Union Taco in Manayunk.  It’s their pico guac and it’s to die for.  I can’t believe I’ve never tried the obvious combination of salsa and guacamole before this, but now I can’t stop thinking about it. Highly recommend! - Ashby



Usually when I go shopping, I look at shirts and sweaters because I wear jeans with everything. This fall though, I’ve been looking to spice up my wardrobe with some different patterned skirts and pants. I found a great pair of velvet paisley pants on Forever 21 that are great for my fall wardrobe. I’m so excited to make new outfits and show them off around campus! - Sam


IT (movie)

For the month of August, my favorite was the book IT by Stephen King. After hearing mixed reviews I decided to go see the movie adaptation this month and it was incredible. Everything was done exactly like the first part of the book. I’m usually not one for scary movies, but since I had an idea of what was coming it made it a lot easier. - Carly


Body Scrub

When most people came back from the Harry Potter festival, they had wands or butterbeer. I came back with a new sugar scrub! I love supporting small businesses and love any skincare product, so when I saw the owner’s tent at the festival, I had to buy something. The sugar scrub has such a refreshing smell and leaves my skin smooth and moisturized. -Mary O’Brien

Face Mask

The past few months, I’ve been all about face masks. I usually stick with the same one, but recently I decided to try something new. This facemask can be found at Lush in the fresh face mask section. They expire relatively quickly compared to the other masks since they contain many fresh ingredients. This mask in particular contains blueberries, calamine, rose, chamomile. All of these ingredients work together to soothe and clean your skin, leaving you relaxed. -Cora


Cover Photo: Unsplash