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Monthly Favorites: February

Shane Dawson Ghost Hunting Series:

Whether it be on the infamous ‘Queen Mary’ ship, or the ‘Stanley Hotel’, both locations provided amazing footage of ghost sightings and creepy vibes all around. Whether it be Shane’s group of friends that accompanied him to each location or the real stories reported by staff, the scary feeling was unable to escape me despite the ending of the video. I highly recommend Shane’s ghost content to thrill seekers and paranormal fans alike!


Donut Day

Every year, my best friend’s family has a whole weekend devoted to donuts! This past weekend was the designated weekend for Donut Day. On Friday night, we mixed all of the dough ingredients together to fill 3 large tubs. The rest of the night was devoted to fun and games. On Saturday we woke up around 6 AM to roll out and cut the donuts. In the meantime, family and friends rolled in from around the area. After all of the dough was rolled and cut, we were able to make 297 donuts! Once fried, guests had the choice of having a powdered sugar donut, or a donut with icing and sprinkles.


Eagles Parade

The Eagles have finally won the Superbowl and Philadelphia as been celebrating like crazy all month. On February 8, over a million Eagles fans gathered on Broad Street to watch the players ride by on double decker buses under a blanket of green and white confetti. I was so happy that I got to be a part of it. Eagles fans everywhere will always remember this historic moment and of course, Jason Kelce’s amazing speech.


Shake Shack

I’m a little late to the party, but I just recently started eating red meat again and have rediscovered Shake Shack. From their burgers to their fries to their milkshakes, I apparently just can’t get enough. I’ve been there three or fours times this month, which may be a little excessive, but was totally worth it.


Sarah’s Day Youtube Channel

If there’s one thing my friends know about me is that I am always looking for new things to try. Whether it’s new makeup, food or even workouts I’m up for the challenge. The Youtube channel, Sarah’s Day  is definitely the inspiration behind that mindset. I’ve been watching her since I was in highschool and I am OBSESSED. I’m not a big follower on youtube videos but that changed right when I started watching her videos. Sarah aka “Sezzy” is an Australian youtuber with a holistic lifestyle.  She has a range amount of content such as workouts, fitness tips and overall tips to live a healthier lifestyle. For me it’s great because Sarah has a dairy allergy so I can follow what she eats and new recipes to try. She is so upbeat and her positivity gives me so much inspiration to go out and get my workouts in! I would definitely recommend watching her videos!    


Making cookies

February is known for having Valentine’s day as its main holiday. Luckily for some people, the Jewish holiday Purim falls at the end of the month too! One of the traditions of Purim is to eat cookies in the shape of triangles to represent part of the Purim story. The cookies can be filled with chocolate, jam, sprinkles, or even marshmallow fluff to represent how there is always more than the eye can see. These cookies are super delicious and I’m so happy the the Jefferson Hillel was here to make them! If you don’t have time to make your own, stop into a local bakery to try them out!



Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

The third installment of one of my favorite book series, Crazy Rich Asians, did not disappoint. The entire series has been hilarious and so much fun to read so far and this last book was just as good. I don’t want to give away the plot in case anyone wants to read it, but just know that I highly recommend! And maybe you can read the before the movie comes out this summer!

Credit: Bookidote


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