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Lindsey Stirling’s Warmer in the Winter Concert

This November I had the amazing opportunity to go see Lindsey Stirling. She’s currently on her Warmer in the Winter tour and I had the chance to see her perform when she came into Philadelphia. For anyone that doesn’t know who she is, Lindsey Stirling plays the violin but she isn’t your average violinist. She manages to combine violin along with electric music and dance at the same time. It sounds like a weird combination but once you hear it, you are hooked. I have loved Lindsey since high school, so I was super excited seeing her live and, on top of that it, was my first time being to a concert. The concert was held at the Academy of Arts. By the time my  roommate and I got there, the doors were about to open. There were a lot of people waiting to get inside. I think one of the things that I love about Lindsey Stirling is that she is friendly for all ages. I saw parents bringing their children to the show and even a few elderly couples attending.

My roommate and I were sitting in the amphitheater and trust me when I say that I was freaking out a little. I have a big fear of heights and it took me a few seconds before I could walk onto the balcony and go to my seat. Even though I was freaking out in the beginning, I managed to calm down through the opening act so I was calm by the time Lindsey started performing.

She started her performance off with a Christmas song number. She played All I Want for Christmas Is You in a frame with two of her backup dancers in their own frames as well. The first frame wrote at the top “warmer”, the second one wrote “in the”, and the last one wrote “winter” (above). I thought it was a great way to start of the show since it was the name of her tour. One of the other Christmas songs she played was Let It Snow. Something I did not expect was her to sing live at the show. Most of her songs are just instruments and the few songs that have words have a singer that isn’t Lindsey. I think it was my first time hearing her sing and she was great.

Aside from Christmas songs she played some of her older songs as well. She played Crystallize and Elements which many of her older fans recognized, me included. Those two songs are some of my absolute favorites by her and if you have not heard them then go listen to them! They are one of the first songs I heard by her. In the middle of the show Lindsey and her band put on a small performance of their own. They sat on the ground at the front of the stage and Lindsey played on one of the first violin’s she had as a kid. During that they did a small Harry Potter and Peanuts number and I thought it was amazing she did that.

All the costumes she wore were amazing and beautiful. My favorite one that she wore was the second outfit during the concert (above). It was flowy, had sequins on it and it looked amazing on her. Overall, the concert was amazing. I was never bored or tired during the show. I had a great time watching her perform live! Honestly, I was a little hesitant at first since the concert was on a Thursday night. I had class early the next morning and was worried about being tired for it but after the show I was happy that I went. She is a great performer but I had no idea when I would get this opportunity again so I am glad I took the chance to see her when I could. If you have never heard Lindsey Stirling’s music, check out her YouTube channel!

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